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Welcome to The Gratitude Sailing Institute

The sailing school offering fun and exciting, full-length American Sailing classes.

We are honored you are considering us to accompany you as you embark on or continue on your journey to a superior level of seamanship.

The sailing school committed to your safety and preparedness

In addition to beginner through advanced American Sailing classes, The Gratitude Sailing Institute offers:

  • A curriculum based on the highly acclaimed American Sailing standards, focusing on key elements of sailing success: safety, education, and enjoyment
  • Classes conform to, and often exceed, the American Sailing time-on-water standards (defined as 16 to 24 hours sea time, each, for the ASA 101 and 103 classes), which establishes a solid foundation of critical sailing skills and results in a safer, more competent and confident sailor
  • On-the-water class sizes limited to 4 students
  • Customized women-only class options
  • Ocean-ready seacraft maintained to the highest maritime standards
  • Uncompromising commitment to building our students' self-confidence and seamanship skills
  • U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Captain and Master Captain Instructors, with over 100 years of collective teaching experience
  • Customized Executive Leadership and Team Building programs

We also recognize the stark difference between sailing certification and sailing education. With this vision, we have reset the benchmark of safety and preparedness, cognizant of our most precious resource:; our students. We do not sacrifice safety and preparedness for volume and profit. That is what makes us different, and why our students emerge better prepared to sail safely.

Our full-length sailing classes build skillsets and self-confidence

At Gratitude Sailing, we are passionate about offering our students a fun, engaging learning environment. Our classes are conducted on the scenic Chesapeake Bay, fostering a memorable environment that is conducive both to learning and retention. We find that our students share this passion and enjoy their Gratitude Sailing learning experience, and our graduates’ skillsets are what separate us from our competitors.

Become part of the sailing community

Many elements constitute a reputable sailing school, and we are certain that your evaluation will reveal that The Gratitude Sailing Institute has the highest commitment to your personal safety, education and enjoyment offered by none other.

This is our promise to you from the moment you step aboard, and it will accompany you throughout your exciting sailing journey and quest for seamanship.

Come sail with us!

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